Baitsabee is the endgame ship between Maccabee Adlai and Baitsakhan. Although not canon, it is widely shipped by fans, even more than Jarah (Jago x Sarah). It was first made by some users on tumblr and, although the fandom is small, has many accounts themed on this ship. Although it is not specified that either is homosexual, fans have often theorized that they (Maccabee especially) may not be heterosexual. The ship first sailed when, in Endgame The Calling, the two made an alliance. The ship, unfortunately, sank in the end of Sky Key, when Maccabee triggered the rigged mechanical hand he gave to Baitsakhan earlier, causing him to brutally strangle himself.

Many fans have theorized evidence in Baitsabee, as in Sky Key Baitsakhan leaned on Maccabee's shoulder while they watched a youtube video made by An Liu, and they have both taken part in saving each other's lives, as Maccabee stabbed Kala Mozami in the back and Baitsakhan strangled Alice Ulapala from behind.

Some fans, however, accuse the ship of being pedophilic, although this is not true, as Maccabee, being 16, is only 3 years older than Baitsakhan, who is 13.

The authors have not yet adressed this pairing.