Christopher Vanderkamp
Christopher Vanderkamp II
Vital statistics
Position Boyfriend of Sarah Alopay
Origin America


Age 17
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 6;5
Weight Unknown

Christopher "Chris" Vanderkamp was the high-school boyfriend of Sarah Alopay, the Cahokian. He was popular at school, and played rugby. His parents were really rich and important enough that they did not go to his graduation. When Sarah left Omaha, Christopher followed her to China, where he ended up shadowing Kala Mozami, another Player. He was successful at this, and helped her escape a plane crash.

After a tense standoff between Baitsakhan and Maccabee Adlai, Christopher was rescued by Chiyoko Takeda, Sarah, and Jago Tlaloc who did not approve of having an non-player amongst them.

Christopher was killed by Sarah in England after he was captured by An Liu, who was also killed during the conflict. An Liu had a rope with a bomb attached whih he pulled when Sarah shot at him, causing the explosion to demolish the upper half of his body. Sarah afterwards cried a lot after him. His relationship with Sarah was deep, but not the same after the Calling, and it was said that they liked to 'touch' but did not have sex.