Endgame - The Calling is the first in James Frey's new series set to be published through Harper Collins. Fox has already purchased the movie rights for this YA novel, and, while details are forthcoming, it has been revealed that Google was involved in the deal. The plot for Endgame is being kept under wraps, although it was described as Hunger Games-like in tone by several sources.

The book is set be published on October 7, 2014. There will be three books in the series along with 3 e-book novellas.[1]


Twelve Players. Young in body, but of ancient people.

All of humanity is descended from their lines.

They were created and chose thousands of years ago.

They have been preparing everyday since.

They are not supernatural.

None can fly, or turn lead to gold, or heal themselves.

When death comes, it comes. For them, for all of us.

They are the inheritors of the Earth, and the Great Puzzle

of Salvation is theirs to solve.

One of them must do it, or we will all be lost

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