Hilal Ibn Isa Al-Salt
Hilal II
Vital statistics
Position 144 Line


Origin Africa
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hilal Ibn Isa Al-Salt is a player of one of the twelve bloodlines. He uncovered the truth regarding Endgame, and planned to warn the other Players, until The Makers stopped him. Eventually, Maccabee and Baitsakhan tracked his location and confronted him. He was not able to escape from the incendiary grenade thrown by Maccabee, and it exploded, burning his flesh as he retreated down in a church. He is currently under the care of his fellow Aksum people. He was said to be "The most beautiful Aksumite player" until his injuries turned him into a monster, inside and out. He used to have pale blue eyes, dark hair, a square chin and looked like a god. His voice is soft-spoken. Now one of his eyes is red an blood-shot and his face is horrifically disfigured.

At the Calling, he stood up and asked for peace and for them to talk it out. After his injuries he seems more focused on death than peace. His line has ancient secrets including a tracking tablet. He is the one who killed Ea, a being of evil, with his two snakes. He calls everyone 'brother or sister' and teamed up with Stella Vyctory to defeat her dad, Ea. He thinks she is beautiful, and may have an romantic interest.