Aisling Kopp
Aisling Kopp II
Vital statistics
Position 3rd Line

La Tène Celt

Origin Switzerland

New York

Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Aisling Kopp is a Player of one the twelve bloodlines. She is the Celt, or the La Tène. She has pale skin and red hair. Her father was called Declan, and was killed by her grandfather who she (and everyone else) calls Pop.

She believes the Endgame is bad, and wants to stop it. She believes she knows a way to do this, which is why she is willing to kill an innocent child to save the world.

She teams up with the CIA, first unwillingly and untrustfully, but eventually is glad of their help and technology which she uses to attack Shari Chopra's base to get to Little Alice (who is Sky Key).