Marcus was one of the 12 chosen players representing the Minoan line. Sixteen at the time of the calling, he wished for the adventure the Calling brought. He states "I would rather die than become ineligible."

He seems egotistical, with great confidence in himself, and is observed to express bravado during his meeting with the other Players.

The Minoan line's item is a 9,000 year old knife

Interests Edit

He likes watching soccer, his favorite team being Istanbul's Fenerbahçe S.K. It is implied that he has been with girls, though no further evidence is supplied. He also likes reading the Odyssey, which he reads in Greek, as the war, exploration, betrayal, love, and death pleases him. In free time he likes to daydream about the Calling, particularly of the destruction it would bring, which his appreciation for the meteor strike signalling to him to the Calling, confirms.

Skills & Training Edit

As his body is described as muscular, it is indicated that he undergoes physical training. With his ancestral knife he has killed animals such as chickens, rats, dogs,cats, pigs, horses, hawks, and lambs, implying he had to gain access to them which could likely be part of his training. He has also killed 11 people with the knife, all before the Calling. As he read the Odyssey in Greek, he can read and understand Greek, and likely other languages as well.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is described as lean, with a taut stomach and sinewy hard arms. He has black hair cropped close and green eyes.

Death Edit

A week after the meteor strikes signalling endgame, immediately after the initial meeting with kepler 22b, endgame has begun, An Liu throws a bomb at Marcus, which he reaches to catch, however it explodes moments before he catches it, killing Marcus instantly.