Marcus Loxias Megalos was one of the twelve Players representing the Minoan line. At sixteen, he wished for the adventure of Endgame.

The Calling Edit

In Istanbul Turkey, while watching a football game between Fenerbahçe and Manisaspor, Marcus's meteor strike signalling the Calling hits, pleasing him.

Interests Edit

Marcus likes watching football, his favorite team being Turkey's Fenerbahçe. It is implied he likes and has been with girls. He also likes reading the Odyssey, due to the violence, adventure, love, and death, which he reads in Greek. Marcus also fidgets with his knife and daydreams about Endgame.

Skills & Training Edit

Marcus has trained all his life for Endgame, with his ancestral knife since he could hold it. Since the age of six, he slept with the blade under his pillow and killed numerous animals with it, including chickens, rats, dogs, cats, pigs, horses, hawks, and lambs. Additionally, he has also killed eleven people.

As he reads the Odyssey in Greek, he must be able to read Greek and presumably others as well.

Personality Edit

Marcus is blood thirsty and confident, but over compensates with excessive displays of bravado.

Physical Appearance Edit

Marcus is described as lean, with a taut stomach and sinewy hard arms.He is tan with close-cropped black hair and green eyes.