Players are the representatives for their line in Endgame.

There are twleve lines who were originally created by the "Keplers," who all of humanity are descended from. For the Players that die, the entirety of their line will also die in the Event, with only the winners' line surviving.

The Players must be thirteen to twenty years of age. Once they turn twenty they are considered ineligible, and another is chosen. Players can also become ineligible due to injury, such is the case with Tate Alopay.

The Players are not chosen hereditarily, as in a parent was a Player so therefore their child also is, but instead seems to be chosen by line "Elders" and past Players, based upon skill.

The Twelve Lines Edit

- The second line, so ancient the name has been forgotten so Kepler 22b names it Mu.

- Based in China

- The third Line

- Based in Switzerland, followed by New York

- The fifth line

- Based in Turkey

- The eighth line.

- Based in Poland

- The thirteenth line

- Based in Mongolia

- The twenty first line

- Based in Peru

- The thirty fourth line.

- Based in Australia.

- The fifty fifth line.

- Based in India

- The eighty ninth line.

- Based in Dubai

- The one hundred forty fourth line.

- Africa

- The two hundred thirty third line.

- Based in Illinois, USA

  • Shang - Represented by An Liu

- The three hundred seventy seventh line

- Based in Japan