Chiyoko Takeda
Chiyoko Takeda II
Vital statistics
Position 2nd line


Origin Japan
Age 17
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Chiyoko Takeda is a Player of one the twelve bloodlines, representing The Mu. She is in love with An Liu. Chiyoko is a mute, whose expertise include hiding in the shadows and pulling a disguise. A fight at Stonehenge with the other players resulted to her death after a 21-ton of piece fell on top of her.

Personality Edit

Chiyoko Takeda is shown to most enjoy the shadows, and does not seek out violence. This doesn't mean she hesitates to kill, like all other players she will murder when she needs to. Chiyoko displays aptitude with many dangerous weapons, such as the shuriken, and wakizashi. She is honorable, and keeps her promises. Due to her status as a mute, she excels in spying and tracking, and has finely honed her abilities of not making a sound. She is a master of languages and symbols.

Appearance Edit

Chiyoko is described with full lips, pale skin, and shoulder length black hair with razor-cut bangs. She is known to be good at disguises, often wearing wigs and putting on makeup or even fake mustachios. Her apperance is fairly normal, and she uses it as an advantage so she can blend in easily.