The entirety of the game orchestrated by the "Keplers" and completed by the Players.

History Edit

Twelve thousand years ago, the "Keplers" came to earth for gold. They created humans and built civilizations for humans to mine gold for them. They left once they had what they needed, however they promised to one day return and play a game to determine the future of Earth.

The twelve original lines of humanity were told to keep a Player ready and trained for Endgame, which they did, and for the last ten thousand years, in secret.

The Game Edit

In the game three keys must be found, in order and brought to kepler 22b. Only one player can win, the others will all die, and with them, their lines. The destruction of lines will occur in the Event, some horrible not yet described disaster across Earth. Other than finding the keys in order and bringing them to kepler 22b, there are no rules.

The Keys Edit

Earth Key Edit

"An object" first discovered by Sarah Alopay in Stonehenge at the end of Endgame - The Calling.

Sky Key Edit

At the end of Endgame - The Calling, it is revealed that the Sky Key is Little Alice, Shari Chopra's daughter.

Sun Key Edit