Jago "Feo" Tlaloc
Jago Tlaloc II
Vital statistics
Position 21st Line


Origin Lima, Peru
Age 19
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jago Tlaloc is the Player of the 21st line, the Olmecs. He is the son to a well-known crime family throughout Peru. He is known as the privileged son to his wealthy parents who does nothing except sleep with foreign women and live luxuriously. Little does his community know, he is a vicious killer who plays for the Olmec.

On his way to The Calling, he meets Sarah Alopay and decides to form an alliance. As time progresses, he begins to get feelings for Sarah as does she and they become romantic interests.

At the end of The Calling, he fights with Sarah Alopay at Stonehenge and together, they fight off the other Players and Sarah retrieves Earth Key.

During the second book, Sky Key, Jago spends most of his time consoling Sarah while she suffers through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of killing her former boyfriend, Christopher Vanderkamp. Eventually, he convinces Sarah to leave Britian, telling her she is going to see her family in Nebraska when in reality, he is taking her to Peru to see his parents.

While in Peru, Jago locks Sarah inside a room at the demand of his parents. He then learns of the former Cahokian rebellion in which the Cahokians created a weapon which could kill Makers and fought the Makers in a major battle.

He and Sarah then teleport to India through a portal-like transmitter and invade the Harappan fortress. They get to Sky Key, or Little Alice Chopra first and try to kill her and stop Endgame but cannot bring themselves to do it. Maccabee then takes Earth Key and Sky Key and runs off, after killing Baitsakhan.

In the third book, Rules of the Game, Jago travels with Sarah to America during its crisis of Abaddon after forming an alliance with Aisling, Shari, Hilal, and Aisling's FBI allies. They discover Sarah's father and retrieve the weapon from Cahokia. They then proceed to kill an attacking Maker.

After that, they travel to an island off of Japan to meet with the rest of the alliance and stop Endgame but right after the landing, Jago and Sarah are sniped by An Liu. Both are immediately killed. It is then assumed that sometime soon after, Sarah's father is killed as well as the two Cahokian trainers that came with.