Alice Ulapala
Alice Ulapala II
Vital statistics
Position 34th Line


Origin Australia
Age 18
Status Dead Image = Alice Ulapala II.jpg
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Alice Ulapala is a Player from one the twelve bloodlines, she is a Koori with a good heart, saving Shari Chopra when she was being tortured from Baitsakhan and his family. She has dark skin, is big and muscly like a wrestler and fights with her boomerangs. She knows many different Aboriginal Dialects and befriends a dingo back in Australia. She later tracks Baitsakhan, who is with Maccabee. She kills Ekaterina, Maccabee's mother, before nearly killing Maccabee himself. Seconds before he would have died, Baitsakhan sneaks up and chokes her.